Industrial Air Compressor in Quebec
4 Signs that your Industrial Air Compressor in Quebec Needs Inspection
March 09, 2021

If you're in the automotive or metal fabrication industry, you know the true value of owning industrial air compressors in Quebec. Each one powers your jackhammers, compactors, and other essential tools which makes it possible to best deliver orders based on your clients' needs. However, we’re sure that you’re aware of how compressors wear and tear daily, and we bet you want to make sure they're always in a good shape.


If you encounter any of the following situations, call a professional compressor technician immediately to avoid further damage


Burning Smell

All industrial air compressors in Quebec heat up when in use. Air compression requires applying massive pressure against outgoing air. It emits a heat-based scent during operations. However, if you smell something like metallic or plastic parts burning, cease machine operations and contact a trustworthy technician to help sort out the problem.


Violently-Vibrating Air Compressors

High pressure is standard when you operate industrial air compressors in Quebec regularly. However, a loose part in the machine could cause it to vibrate violently against its protective anti-vibration chassis. The part that has gone slack is likely to have a considerable weight which is enough to shake the device so vigorously. Contact technicians right away for a thorough investigation.


Abnormal Noises

If abnormal noises have become a constant part of your day, your air compressor may have suffered multiple parts’ and fittings’ damage or wear and tear. It’s also possible that giant sediments have punctured their way from the filter to the internal parts of the machine. In such a scenario, it’s best to stop all machine operations and contact a reliable technician to help you sort the situation right away.


Machine Won't Switch On

Power circuits are to be blamed for machines that won't start. It requires the skill of experienced maintenance specialists to investigate and repair problems with the power circuit. A specialist can determine the root of the issue and restore your machine functionality in no time.


Best Technicians Work with Trustworthy Suppliers

You can always count on Compresseurs Quebec for top-quality maintenance specialists and the best roster of air compressors for your projects. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!

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