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A Guide to the Industrial Air Compressor Parts of a Reciprocating Compressor
January 26, 2018

The reciprocating compressor is known for its robustness, reliability, and its economical installation cost. It is simple to use, multifaceted, and offers one of the best quality/price ratio in the market. Below is more information on its industrial air compressor parts and functionality.


The Components:


The reciprocating compressor has the following industrial air compressor parts:

  1. An electrical motor
  2. A wheel drive
  3. A crankshaft
  4. A piston
  5. A cylinder
  6. A connecting rod
  7. Two inlet and outlet valves


All industrial air compressor parts are integrated in a compact body and are connected to a tank used to accumulate the compressed air. A system of valves and stopcocks is used to keep the level of pressure as required by the manufacturer.




The motor, powered by an electrical or thermal source of energy, moves the wheel in a circular motion and pushes the piston and the connecting rod in alternative back-and-forth movement inside the cylinder.

The crankshaft is the part that transforms the rotational movement powered by the motor to linear motion of the piston. When the piston is at the bottom of its stroke, a suction valve opens and releases air at atmospheric pressure, which enters the cylinder.

When it rises to the top of its stroke, the air is compressed and then delivered by the outlet valve to the tank. This operation is repeated alternatively, achieving the maximum discharge pressure. Eventually, the motor stops running. This mechanism requires the lubrication of components by a specially adapted oil in order to reduce the effects of friction. However, a part of the compressed air is transformed into water, which requires the addition of a dehydrator element to the system.

Industrial air compressors parts are relatively reliable. However, for quality assurance and safety reasons, it is always advisable to mount genuine parts approved by the manufacturer. Compresseurs Quebec is an authorized dealer of industrial air compressor parts that include receivers, kits, lubricants, coolers, valves and filters.

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