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Comparing Different Air Compressor Technologies
November 22, 2019

Ever since the first prototype emerged more than a century ago, industrial air compressor systems have made a significant difference in powering the industrialization of the world. As the years went by, industry leaders began to realize the need for diversity in compressed air technology, spurning innovation in the field and helping to generate the diverse line of industrial air compressor products we enjoy today.


Nowadays, there are a whole host of industrial air compressor types to choose from. In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the two main technologies behind air compression.


Positive Displacement Air Compressors


Positive displacement air compressors are probably the most popular type. Within this category, there are reciprocating and rotary compressors. The primary principle behind a positive displacement industrial air compressor is to draw in and capture a volume of air. That air is kept inside a chamber, and then the space within that chamber is reduced so that the air gets compressed.


Positive displacement air compressors are arguably the more popular type of air compressor, because of their ease of use and energy conservation capabilities. They can be used in most applications, considering their versatility. Some of these applications include auto repair, auto assembly, and construction.


Dynamic Industrial Air Compressors


If an industry requires more heavy duty functionality, they will usually opt for dynamic air compressors instead of positive displacement air compressors. In dynamic compression, air is drawn in between the blades of a rapidly rotating impeller. Through high acceleration, the air gains velocity which is then converted into static pressure upon discharge. 


Considering the heavier-duty applications of this industrial air compressor type, dynamic air compressors are often used to generate electricity or even propel aircraft. This type of industrial air compressor relies on a more complex principle of compression, and so it is advised that you speak with your air compressor experts so that they can walk you through the functionality of your air compressor.


Ultimately, we foresee that industrial air compressor technologies will only continue to evolve. While today’s blog only covered the two main technologies used in air compression, there are other distinctions and variants when it comes to air compressors, such as their need for oil, what kind of power source they utilize, and more.


Industrial air compressor systems can be configured at so many levels so that the machine you end up with is truly something that works perfectly with your facility and your operations. Get in touch with the experts at Controle-Air today to learn more about our industrial air compressor products!

Industrial air compressors technologies are so complex!
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