Managing Air Leaks in Your Industrial Compressed Air System
September 22, 2020

Over time any compressed air system can be challenged with performance and efficiency problems. In particular, air leakage is a major issue that can significantly lead to big waste in the energy consumption of your industrial air compressor. In other cases, it may also result in productivity losses because an air leak accounts for about 20% to 30% of a compressor’s output in many industrial operations.


Moreover, air leaks also lead to operating losses and also have a strong impact on the pressure of your entire compressed air system.

It can reduce the mechanical output of your pneumatic tools and thus lower productivity.


Without proper air leak management or maintenance, you may end up purchasing an industrial air compressor with the incorrect capacity. With proactive air leak management and maintenance, you can detect issues and resolve them early on. Since air leaks usually occur at connections and joints, a simple tightening of the joints can resolve the problem. However, for major connection issues, timely repairs and replacement of faulty parts such as hoses, valve, drain traps, pipe sections, fittings, and couplings might be necessary.


In order to avoid air leak issues from occurring in the first place, here are some tips and preventative methods that you can do. If issues do arise, make an appointment with a professional.



The best way to guarantee a quick, efficient and complete solution for managing and fixing air leaks is through frequent maintenance by professionals who have state of the art equipment. Contact compresseur Quebec today to learn about our industrial air compressors and services.




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