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Where to Install Your Air Compressor in Your Facility
December 06, 2019

Possibly the most overlooked factor in industrial air compressor management is the location of the air compressor. Considering that air compressors function on the basis of taking in air and then compressing it, space is absolutely vital to the machine being able to do its job. Not to mention, a lot of these machines can be quite large in size, and so it is crucial to plan your facility well in advance to make sure it has space for your industrial air compressor systems.


Most of the time, your air compressor’s manual should have a few tips on how much space is required for your industrial air compressor to function optimally. Furthermore, when the service team from Compresseurs Quebec come to perform the installation, they will advise you on how much space is needed.


Once they install your air compressor in a suitable location, it is pivotal that you do not then move it.


If you have multiple units of air compressors, you will need to make sure that your facility has space for all of them. You should consult with the installation team to figure out whether each air compressor will have enough space for its own inlet air opening.


The air compressors should also not be placed too close to one another. This is not only because you should be making additional room for accessories or attachments, but also because these machines can get quite heated up while in operation. Throughout the year, there will be seasonal changes that can affect your industrial air compressor. When it is cold, the air compressor room will have to be heated, and when it is hot, the excess heat needs to be vented properly.


Planning ahead is key to ensuring that operations are smooth, and that is why you should consult with the experts at Compresseurs Quebec before getting your industrial air compressor systems installed.

Installing an industrial air compressor needs more thought than what people usually think!
Posted by: Desmond | December 13, 2019, 2:20 pm
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