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4 Industrial Air Compressor Accessories That Must Be Serviced Regularly
April 27, 2021

Industrial air compressor accessories play a major role in the effective functioning of compressors. Air compressors manage a lot of workload across numerous industries. In order to ensure that the compressors continue proper operations, regular servicing of all accessories and parts is crucial. Regardless of the different tasks that each of the parts and accessories handles, they need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

Industrial air compressor accessories that need to be serviced regularly


Dirty filters contain particulates that can contaminate the compressed air. This could result in the deterioration of the end product quality. This is why it is very important to clean the filters periodically, including both the air filters and oil filters. You can determine the frequency based on how often you use the compressor, the number of hours of operation, and the environment in which you’re using it.


While all industrial air compressor accessories need to be serviced regularly, the rubber on the belt needs a little extra attention. Over time, the rubber could have issues such as cracks in some places. As soon as one notices such wear and tear, it’s advisable to replace the cracked belt or fix the cracks before the belt completely tears and shuts down the machine.

Motor Bearings

Since the motor bears most of the hard work of an air compressor, it needs to be lubricated. Its bearings need to be lubricated every four thousand hours to protect the motor’s condition and performance. Also, between each greasing, we recommend inspecting the bearings to ensure that they are adequately oiled. While you do this, we recommend that you also check other industrial air compressor accessories such as the air dryer.

Intake Vents

These components are crucial throughout the air compression process. The vents need to be checked often to ensure that the incoming air is clean and free of harmful airborne contaminants. It is recommended to check the intake vents every week and clean them as and when needed to prevent dust and dirt from being drawn into the system.

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