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4 Reasons Why an Industrial Air Compressor Requires a Filter
December 21, 2020

In order for an industrial air compressor to consistently operate at maximum efficiency, a clean filter must be installed at all times. If you install a faulty air filter, the lifespan of your compressor unit is significantly shortened, especially if you are using it on a daily basis. This is why air filtration is essential for any air compressor system.


Here are five reasons to always keep your compressor unit’s air intake free of particles and debris.


Avoid Clogging Pneumatic Passages

An air compressor will forcefully try to suck in the air from its surroundings. Without filters, dirt and metal oxides may be introduced to the air intake which can damage the interior and block essential pneumatic passages. You can locate these parts deep inside air compressors, which makes unclogging them a nuisance.


Accessory and Tool Functionality

Contaminants in your industrial air compressor will reduce your compressor accessories and as well as limit tool functionality. It can be difficult to remove particulates inside your external components, forcing you to purchase a new set and adding to your expenses.


Prolong System Parts and Fittings

All industrial air compressors have replacement parts and fittings. For you to save money, you will want to keep these default components functioning in top condition. Keeping the air in the workspace clean is one of the best things you can do for your air compressor because the filter will be the only thing you need to be changing often.


Preserve Air Seals

Air seals ensure that your machine produces a consistent PSI throughout operations. Unfortunately, unwanted debris and particles will continue to wear against the rubber or oil-bearing seals. Air filters that you clean and change regularly will help maintain your compressor’s performance, as well as maintaining your air seals.


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