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5 Beneficial Qualities of a Quincy Air Compressor
February 01, 2021

It is fairly common for a pre-owned Quincy air compressor to generate lots of interest from buyers after being placed for sale. Often the brand is what gives buyers the notion of a high-quality machine and there are reasons for it.


Businesses, fabricators, and manufacturers all hold the Quincy brand in high esteem, and here are the reasons why.


World-Class Quality

The first Quincy air compressor was built in 1937. The Quincy QR-25 remains in operation as an efficient and effective air compressor for many businesses. Even if Quincy had built a tremendous compressor variety, its older models see great use, especially the first product.


Dependable and Consistent Performance

A pre-owned Quincy air compressor uses the same high-quality materials as its newer iterations. Therefore, even if you purchase a used machine, you can expect it to yield the same results and performance with minimal deviations. Furthermore, reliable Quincy suppliers and distributors can provide you with replacement parts and components.


Wide Variety of Options

The brand and its distributors have an enormous air compressor variety suitable for different applications. With the advanced methods and features from competing manufacturers, Quincy Compressors have enhanced their own arsenal to its users' advantage.


Capable Distributors

If you need maintenance and repair services, all Quincy distributors have in-house technician teams ready to help with all your needs. These capable distributors can give you the best services and preventative solutions to maximize your machine's performance.



Quincy focuses on delivering top-notch performance, longevity, and excellent results with the most sustainable practices possible. All their products are recyclable, prioritize efficiency, and save money through reduced energy consumption.


Compresseurs Quebec has been a primary distributor of Quincy compressors across the region. If you need Quincy compressors, we can provide you the best machines most suitable for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


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