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A Look at Industrial Air Compressor Accessories
May 11, 2021

The effectiveness of industrial air compressors is influenced by the accessories that help them to function properly. With everything working as it should, the machine can push clean and dry air to the appropriate places and at the correct pressures. It is important to note that while a machine may have a number of parts in good working condition, if one or two components are in need of fixing, this will have a significant impact overall. Industrial air compressor accessories dictate the strength of the system that they compose.

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The right parts can raise the machine’s energy efficiency, and reduce any maintenance requirements throughout the compressor’s lifespan. Read below for a look at the most crucial accessories that make up this type of equipment.


This component is responsible for removing atmospheric contaminants from air. It performs its role at the intake area in order to keep the system clean and the output of air as pure as possible.


A regulator will adjust air pressure levels of the machine with the purpose of matching the equipment’s span of requirements. The part is essential because many compressors will have accessories with differing pressure ratings.


The veins that link the compressor portion of an industrial air system to the associated tools are known as hoses. Over time, they can wear out, and checking for bending, kinking, or developed leaks is a must.

Aftercoolers and Air Dryers

Vapor is naturally created throughout the air compression process. These components help with eliminating moisture from compressed air prior to its further movement inside the machine.

Compresseurs Quebec provides our clients with industrial air compressor accessories, among a variety of other products and services. Browse our website and contact us today for more information on how we can help meet the needs of your business.

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