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A Quincy Air Compressor for Glass Manufacturing
August 04, 2021

As one of the most extensively used natural products, glass stands out among other architectural and packaging materials due to its strong and transparent design. It is also 100% recyclable, making it much more environmentally friendly compared to different mass-manufactured items. In addition, glass is part of the safest products for storing consumable goods. When looking at sanitation and shelf life, it has the ability to protect its contents from light. This present-day glass production and use would be heavily impacted without machinery like a Quincy air compressor, which can perform a range of roles, including one within sheet glass manufacturing.


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Sheet glass manufacturing


Relative to the creation of glass containers, the production of sheet glass involves a less complicated series of steps. The process during the “hot” stages is very similar, but the cooled product will be dried flat and cut according to certain dimensions. Near the beginning of the entire process, mixed raw materials are funneled through various tank chambers that melt at high temperatures. At modern facilities, rotary air compressors can be used to drive the conveyors that pass the mix from one chamber to another. Three days is the approximate timeline to transform the molten material into glass.


For greater than ten hours, the glass mix is then super-heated inside molten chambers. The next stage in this type of production involves forming the molten mix into clear and flattened pieces with the assistance of liquefied tin blocks and air-powered conveyor systems. Throughout the cooling process, compressed air helps bring the temperature of the glass down before the material can be cut into slabs.


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