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A Spotlight on the Key Features of Quincy Air Compressors
February 07, 2018

Air compressors have been in operation for more than one hundred years. One of the main reasons for their longevity is the abundance of air in nature. It is a clean source, it is flexible, and practical for industrial use.

The types of Quincy air compressors are many, and they vary technically according to their intended use in different industries.

Pneumatic equipment manufacturers have developed products that are more reliable and powerful, less expensive, and which offer optimal performance. Among these products is the lubricated rotary screw compressor. This product, which is a huge success, is based on a mechanism invented by the Swedish engineer Lysholm in 1939. It is widely used in several sectors of the industry such as agribusiness, electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, and chemical processing.

This system is composed of two rotors in the shape of a helical screw. The rotors are specifically designed to trap the air in the arranged volume between the two screws. The fact that they turn in opposite directions from each other causes an excess of pressure in the volume, and therefore the air compression is generated.

At Quebec Compressors, we offer three types of Quincy air compressors:

1)Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors

2)Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors

3)Oil-Free Air Compressors

The length and the shape of the screws varies in order to offer suitable levels of pressure for different uses. Simple to use, the user can run it without wearing protection headsets. It does not consume a lot of energy and it delivers a significant flow of compressed air with a relatively low temperature.

Learn more about the Quincy brand, Quincy air compressors and what contributes to their high performance by reading our previous blog. Other notable features of this line of air compressors is their durability in any specific work environment, ability to maintain stable air pressure and power consumption. For more information, please call us today at 514-337-0566!

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