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An Industrial Air Compressor in the Aerospace Sector
June 17, 2021

In terms of the aerospace industry, air compressors are involved in a wide range of crucial functions, such as fuel injection and metal finishing. They are also important in manufacturing quality control, as these machines can help simulate the pressures that sections of an aircraft will encounter during a flight. Engineers in the aeronautical realm use this type of equipment for many applications, and at almost every phase of production. Thus, the selection of an industrial air compressor that reaches a high level of quality is essential to the success of operations for a company within the aerospace sector.


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It is necessary for manufacturers of aircraft parts to prevent contamination. Air compressors with a common design might end up mixing air and lubricants, which creates a significant contamination risk for tasks that require purity. This can be avoided through the use of an oil-free compressor, a machine which is found in various manufacturing facilities to serve this purpose. On the other hand, a lubricated compressor can play a notable role in applications that are less demanding.


When looking at air compressors operated by aerospace companies, some examples of their performance include air separation, electronics and galley cooling, oxygen and nitrogen generation, aircraft engine manufacturing, as well as the structural testing of wings. Additionally, a rotary screw air compressor is optimal in the case of frequently using large air volumes at high pressure, while a reciprocating air compressor is well-suited for certain tasks where this equipment would be activated on an intermittent basis.


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