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An Overview of Hydraulic Driven Industrial Air Compressors by BOSS
April 20, 2021

Industrial air compressors that are powered by hydraulics, allow the operator to convert hydraulic power into airpower and are known as hydraulic driven air compressors. Rotary screw air compressors by BOSS are popular hydraulic air compressors that are known for their various salient features. Apart from their strategically designed system, most of the compressor models by BOSS are also known for their compactness, small size, and their ability to handle a wide range of temperatures.


Models and specifications of hydraulically driven industrial air compressors by BOSS


Infinity 35: The BOSS Infinity 35 is popular for its small size and lightweight. This is one of the popular belt-driven rotary screw industrial air compressors. It has been designed to provide continuous volume and constant pressure without the use of an air storage tank.

Infinity 375: The BOSS Infinity 375 has an advanced design that allows users to choose CFM output from 250 to 375 CFM. It’s also very compact which makes it possible to mount this model in tight places.

Infinity 80: The BOSS Infinity 80 is known as the most versatile hydraulic driven air compressor. It can be used for fleet retrofit or a new installation.

Infinity 100: The BOSS Infinity 100 comes with a self-contained remote mount separator element with easy access spin-on housing.  It also has automatic thermal sensing control to ensure proper temperatures during operations.

Infinity 185: The BOSS Infinity offers a CFM output of up to 185 CFM with just one model. This model is perfect for anyone who needs the extra boost.

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