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Applications of Compressed Air in the Agricultural Industry
August 31, 2016

The food industry is a vital industry for human life. In recent years, it has grown significantly thanks to laboratory research and the technological progress in the machinery field. It is by far the largest economic sector in several developed countries. As an indication, in 2013 the food processing sector generated more than 90 billion dollars to Canada, and this is by far the sector that offers the largest number of jobs in this country.

This productive exporting activity is present in almost all Canadian regions and cities, including Quebec. It is a booster for economic development, and has continued to keep its status as a key profit generator for the country. To perform this function, manufacturers have attached great importance to food processing methods in factories. The compressed air used in processing lines is one of the processes of most importance. In the food industry, compressed air is used to operate several machines to transform, condition, transport and package food products.

Of course, the optimal choice is to have the air first compressed by a Quincy air compressor. After that it is integrated into the process of food transformation. However, in this process, there is a difference between the air that comes into direct contact with the food product, and the air that is not in direct contact with it. For safety and food hygiene reasons, air in direct contact with food products such as meat, fruit and vegetables must be perfectly clean and free of any impurity or lubricating oil. The treatment of packaging is also done according to high food safety regulations. Manufacturers of pneumatic equipment offer a lot of solutions suitable to the needs of the food industry. For your food processing equipment, choose a Quincy air compressor for the best results and reliability.

are there alternatives to compressed air for power in agriculture?
Posted by: james | September 29, 2016, 10:50 am
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