Compressed Air as an Energy Source
April 13, 2020

The fourth major source of energy, in addition to electricity, natural gas, and water, is compressed air. An industrial air compressor is what is used to generate this kind of energy. This machine is a workhorse in many facilities including workshops, waste-water treatment plants, mining, petroleum, and chemical processing plants. One of the key features of a compression system is that it consists of various subsystems that have numerous components.


Among these subsystems, the air compressor is the most significant component, along with the drives and regulators that come with this equipment.


Over the years, manufacturers have consistently innovated in order to produce industrial air compressors that are both more powerful and more compact. This helps simplify the installation process and reducing the maintenance needed. Nowadays, machinery already comes with the engine installed and with other accessories and devices to boost its productivity. Just like other industrial machinery, air compressors are also available in different types that are more suited for specific industrial applications.


Choosing the right industrial air compressor can be a daunting task but accomplishing it can help your business operations achieve higher efficiency. While there are some portable and personal-sized versions of this equipment, these are not suitable to supply the high volume of compressed air that an industrial facility or operation would need. Hence, before you give in to buying smaller units, it is best to invest in an industrial air compressor that is big enough to deliver the amount of compressed air needed for your application.


In order to make the most informed decisions regarding compressed air, you need to start considering all the different types of air compressors. The most common ones include rotary screw compressors, piston compressors, rotary sliding vane compressors, and centrifugal compressors. While all of them work to give you enough compressed air, each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


When attempting to purchase an air compressor, you can rest assured that the sales representatives at Compresseurs Quebec will be there for you to walk you through the process and help you find the machine that fits your needs.


Getting the right industrial air compressor is crucial.
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