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Different Ways to Dry Compressed Air
February 27, 2020

One of the key issues you want to avoid when operating industrial air compressors is the buildup of condensate and moisture contamination in your compressed air. The most efficient and effective compressed air must be dry in order to power tools and other machines properly. However, many compressed air systems are vulnerable to the generation of excess moisture.


With that said, there are ways to avoid this. While many industrial air compressors will have their fair share of experience with excess condensate, you can adopt a regimen to greatly reduce these instances and boost the overall productivity of your compressed air generation.


The best way to go about this is to outfit your system with appropriate accessories, such as:


1. Filters

Filtering accessories such as water traps and regulators are incredibly effective at de-moisturizing air.  A water trap is a device that works by “trapping” moisture as the air [asses through the inlet valve. That trapped moisture is then released into a drain. Most filters work in a similar manner, sometimes performing additional purifying functions.


2. Air Dryers

There are many types of air dryers that can be used for industrial air compressors. The two main types are refrigerated air dryers and desiccant air dryers.



On top of these options, there are other ways to reduce the moisture retention of your compressed air. Make sure you get in touch with the experts at Compresseurs Quebec to learn more about this topic!

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