Get to Know Your Basic Industrial Air Compressor Parts
December 07, 2020

Air compressors are complex machines with many different moving parts all working together to run efficiently and effectively. The parts come in a variety of different sizes and each one is as important as the next. No matter how large or small, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with at least the most basic industrial air compressor parts.


Here are the basic industrial air compressor parts that you need to know:


Electric Motor


This is the heart of the machine. It provides power to your air compressor by driving multiple internal belts and pulleys and moving other small elements transferring energy to the pumps. Different sizes of motors will be used corresponding to different machine sizes, which will affect the power of the machine. If you notice a decline in the performance of your electric motor, installing a replacement motor is possible.


Compressor Pump


Air compressor pumps come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and configurations, but the most common comparison is between the single and dual piston pumps. When you learn about parts of an industrial air compressor, you will often notice these two types of pumps, otherwise known as the single-stage, and the two-stage compressors.


Storage Tank


One of the most noticeable industrial air compressor parts is the large storage tank that comes with most professional and industrial machines. This feature holds an air capacity that is drastically larger than the consumer counterpart.


Pressure Switch


This is one of the machine’s safety mechanisms. The pressure switch measures the pressure of the air inside your storage tank. As the pressure rises to its limit, the switch will stop additional air from over-pressurizing the tank. When pressure drops to a certain point, the switch will turn on your compressor. This part of the air compressor allows you to work without worry of running out of air.


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