Getting the Most Out of Your Quincy Air Compressors
May 26, 2020

Since they were first developed, Quincy air compressors were and still are the standard for air compressors all over the world. The Quincy brand is driven to constantly innovate and improve, creating new technologies that have only made Quincy air compressors more efficient and productive.


This dedication to excellence is perfectly shown by one of the brand’s best practice standards known as the EQ or Efficiency Quotient Analysis. It is an innovative and patented method in evaluating the overall efficiency of compressed air systems, whether they be Quincy air compressor or not. The analysis involves a 3-step process that is based on industry standards, bringing more than just the promises of energy efficiency but also the delivery of great bottom-line results.


Having the EQ analysis performed on your own compressed air system will provide you with the following technical advantages:


Accurate review of your existing equipment

The EQ rating involves an accurate calculation of pressure drops across your air treatment equipment, the actual load on each dryer, and the energy impact of the technology used. The process can also help you correct purge losses according to load and dew point controls.


Accurate analysis of your compressor performance

The analysis also enables you to record your compressor system performance during every production level, and during both low and peak seasons. The analysis will determine the load and capacity of each unit while correcting its performance through the effects of inlet temperature, altitude, and discharge pressure. Other motor conditions like voltage and power factor can also be included and adjusted accordingly.


Identification and calculation of waste in the system
Finally, the EQ analysis will also give you the correct calculation of all kinds of waste reduction in your air compression system, including drain losses, leak repairs, and open blowing. It will help you adjust and correct the levels to the regulated demand level of your system, which even includes the desiccant purge losses for modified dryer loads as well as the other controls of your air compressors.

If you are in need of an EQ analysis, make sure to contact Compresseurs Quebec. Our experts are the best in the field!

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