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How Compressed Air Powers Businesses
September 23, 2019

Air compressors have proven to be an absolute necessity in all kinds of businesses, especially to help power different tools. While an industrial air compressor is certainly meant for more heavy-duty use, we are beginning to see air compressors come in handy in small to medium-sized businesses as well. In fact, smaller businesses can opt for compressors with lower horsepower so as to save energy, but retain all the benefits in productivity and quality that an industrial air compressor offers.


Pneumatic Tools Increase Business Productivity


Air compressors help power pneumatic tools that may be used in smaller to mid-sized businesses, such as in auto body shops or woodworking shops. While there are electric tools as well, pneumatic tools are generally considered to be more lightweight, making them easier and safer to operate. Furthermore, pneumatic tools have a longer lifespan considering electric tools are prone to overheating and other electrical mishaps.


Compressed Air for a Variety of Businesses


You may think the uses of compressed air are restricted solely to construction applications when it comes to small to mid-sized businesses, but there are actually many more ways an industrial air compressor can aid a business:

  1. Powering spray painting machines
  2. Powering sanding machines
  3. Powering snow machines for use at ski resorts
  4. Powering certain dental and medical equipment
  5. Powering sandblasting machines

And indeed, powering various construction tools such as pneumatic nail guns, drills, and more.

It is easy to see why so many types of businesses rely on compressed air to power their operations. After all, it is the more versatile and safe form of energy generation. This is due to the lack of overheating and sparking potential from electricity. Furthermore, many air compressors today are designed to be less harmful to the environment by being more energy efficient.

If you need an industrial air compressor for your business or facility, get in touch with Compresseurs Quebec – we supply only the best brands in air compressors, so that you will always be able to find the best solution for your energy needs.

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