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Industrial Air Compressor Accessories: Air Dryers
July 13, 2021

Within your compressed air system, a crucial element to its overall functioning is the air dryer. It is important to note that moisture in compressor installations cannot be fully absent, but avoiding problems that this moisture can cause is essential. If this type of equipment contains moisture and it goes unattended, end product contamination or damage to the machinery and other components are possible results. Among the range of industrial air compressor accessories, air dryers are one of the parts, in addition to aftercoolers, that help dry wet air present in the system. Their main role is to protect your machine from the consequences of moisture.


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Choosing a compressed air dryer


Overall, the correctly sized dryer should perform in a manner that corresponds with your compressor’s air production rate. This allows process requirements to be met. There are also six major factors to consider and calculate in order to accurately select the right dryer. The equipment’s maximum air flow (this can be in standard cubic feet per minute) and desired pressure dew point are the first two. Inlet air pressure, as well as temperature, are the third and fourth points. The final two are ambient air temperature (water temperature will be another calculation if the condenser is water-cooled) and lastly, the dryer’s installation environment.


Air dryers that are optimized for efficiency should have a low contribution to your total energy bill. When it comes to the selection of drying technology and dryer size, it is best to complement the air flow rate and air quality specifications related to your compressor.


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