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Industrial Air Compressor Service: Addressing Leaks
June 29, 2021

If your business relies on an air compressor, the understanding of when and how to fix leaks is crucial. When one occurs, it can lead to significant drain on the overall system. In the event of compressed air leaks going unattended for extended periods of time, they may take up as much as 20% of the production capacity. To avoid this form of energy waste and support the efficient running of your facility, a proactive approach to detecting and repairing leaks is needed. With the help of industrial air compressor service, there are also financial benefits to keeping machine usage at highly productive levels.


Compresseurs Quebec is a valuable source for industrial air compressor service, and our team is well-trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of this equipment.


Finding and fixing leaks


It is important to note that compressed air leaks can be both planned and unplanned. Since they are built into the system, the planned occurrences are standard and used for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, unplanned leaks develop as a maintenance issue and might appear at any part of the compressed air unit. Striving for early detection and a quick repair aid in saving trouble down the road.


There are different methods that allow these leaks to be identified and corrected, such as listening for an audible hissing sound or using an ultrasonic acoustic detector. Tightening the relevant connections or updating couplings, fittings, hoses, or piping can sometimes be sufficient in fixing a compressed air leak. Ensuring that thread sealant is applied properly and air flow is operated at appropriate levels are also helpful. Lastly, seeking the work and input of professionals is a good idea to determine and maintain the strength of your system.


Browse our website and contact us today for more details on industrial air compressor service, and how Compresseurs Quebec can support your business with air leak detection and more.

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