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Industrial Air Compressors in the Food and Beverage Industry
September 04, 2019

Key to the success of any food and beverage manufacturer is efficiency in production. Due to the absolute necessity of maintaining high productivity standards in the competitive world of food and beverage production, various technologies have been developed to make this process foolproof.


Industrial air compressors play an important role in the food and beverage industry, being central to various production tasks. Compressed air offers faster, more consistent, and more reliable ways of automating the assembly line and streamlining production.


As such, it is vital to have reliable and high-quality industrial air compressors in your facility.


Indeed, the mass production of food is impossible without compressed air.


Here are some of the ways industrial air compressors contribute to the production of food and beverage:


1. Food fillings: food products that contain fillings such as cream puffs, pastries, and buns, utilize compressed air to achieve a proper and consistent fill across all products.


2. Packaging: sterile packaging utilizes nitrogen during the process to help provide a pressurized atmosphere. An extremely powerful air compressor with filtered compressed air is needed for this process.


3. Cutting and peeling: believe it or not, the compressed air produced by some industrial air compressors is so strong that it can act as a knife, cutting and peeling foods like potatoes and onions.


4. Tool operation: the most obvious use of industrial air compressors in a food and beverage factory is to power and control tools and machinery such as grippers, valves, cylinders, and more.


Industrial air compressors are certainly important components of any food and beverage plant. With that said, the best kind of air compressors to use are reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors because they are able to provide the most consistent performance, helping to keep your operations efficient and the standard of your quality high.


For more information about air compressors and their applications in various industries, get in touch with Compresseurs Québec.

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