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Industrial Air Compressors
March 14, 2017

Air compressors are very popular, and for good reasons as there are so many different jobs that can be accomplished with them. You can use them to fill different things up with air, such as car, bicycle, or truck tires. You can even use them to fill up smaller things like beach balls, air mattresses, and rafts to name some; however, their uses are not limited to such simple jobs, they can be used for a lot of bigger jobs too such as filling of gas cylinders and powering the pneumatic tools like jackhammer, nail gun, airbrush, or any other industrial tools requiring compressed air for working.


As such, industrial air compressors are important to any industry who wants to ensure the continuity of supply. Compressed air delivery systems play a critical role in any industry's production processes and you want delivery of your air compressor to be cost-effective as it serves to improve productivity. Industrial air compressors work at a high level, and for many different purposes. Just think of it, just about all natural gas pipelines rely on huge industrial air compressors, and you can understand that the manufacturing of these industrial compressors for the petroleum and natural gas industry would be particularly specialized.

Nearly all production factories have these industrial compressors which are used to power different tools in the factory. In fact some of the largest factories have their industrial air compressors custom built to meet their unique requirements.

Air Compressors to Meet your Production Capacity

There are also smaller air compressors of 20 gallons or so. You want a supplier who can provide air  compressors from reputable brands such as Powerex, Quincy and  Kobelco.  Most industrial air compressors feature 2-stage engines, built in magnetic starters with robust tanks made of the likes of cast iron while the belt guard is made of a heat-conducting metal.

Air Energy has more than 30 years of experience. As leaders in industrial air compressors in the New England area, they offer an extensive product line and valuable knowledge about all of their products. With a highly skilled team of professionals who are available 24/7 and who offer preventative maintenance plans, the question is why wouldn't you choose a team you can count on?

"Et vous voulez que votre compresseur à air soit rentable car il permet d'améliorer la productivité." Je suis définitivement d'accord!
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