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Pneumatic Tools Vs Electric Tools
October 04, 2019

Across many industries, pneumatic tools, also known as air tools, are widely used in manufacturing processes, construction, and for repairs. An industrial air compressor is needed to power these tools, supplying them with the air power they need in order to work. Similar to pneumatic tools, electric tools are also used in a wide variety of industries.


With that said, pneumatic tools have a significant amount of advantages over electric tools.


1. Pneumatic tools are lighter for how much punch they carry. This means they can generate immense power, but are easier to operate compared to electric tools. As such, many workers and operators tend to prefer pneumatic tools.


2. While your industrial air compressor may run into issues with heat, your pneumatic tools will not. They do not generate heat while operating, and as such are safer and generally more durable. It is easy enough to watch over the heat level of your industrial air compressor as well. As long as it gets regular maintenance, air compressor technicians will be able to help you elongate the lifespan of your industrial air compressor.


3. Unlike electricity, compressed air is not a fire hazard nor does it have the potential to create electric shocks or sparks. Of course, workers still have to exercise caution as pneumatic tools are powerful and must be handled with care.


4. Pneumatic tools are more flexible. If your business requires you to work on the field and move to different locations, you can simply acquire a portable industrial air compressor and bring all your tools with you. This is why construction companies in particular mostly work with pneumatic tools – they can still function even when there aren’t other power sources around.


The fact that Compresseurs Quebec provides top-notch air compressor services is also a plus point. With our deep knowledge of industrial air compressor systems and parts, you can count on us to be there for you if any issue arises with your air compressor.

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