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Proactive Air Leakage Energy Saving Solutions for Your Industrial Air Compressor
September 09, 2019

During regular use and throughout the life of your industrial air compressor, many problems can occur. One of the solutions discussed today can offer substantial benefits, but without hindering your daily operations: the detection of air leaks.


During the lifespan of your industrial air compressor, many problems can arise – one of these is air leakage.


Air leakages in a compressed air network have been known to commonly appear in areas ranging from degradation of rubber seals, pistons, aggregation of unwanted materials in valves, and pipe joints (frequently stemming from an issue with manufacturing or installation). An ideal compressed air network should not allow for any air leakage or more air consumption than necessary during its use.


This, however, is not realistic and it is therefore important to be ahead of the curve, ensuring recurrent tests on your compressed air network and keeping air leaks as minimal as possible through use of the Compresseurs Québec “Compressed Air Leak Detection” service wherein auditing is delivered by our professionals using ultrasonic acoustic detectors to ensure avoidance of these pitfalls.


Why Are Air Leaks So Detrimental?


Once an air leak occurs, your industrial air compressor undergoes cycling more frequently than it should by leaking the air needed into the atmosphere – accelerating depreciation on the compressor. This variance in pressure inevitably leads to equipment functioning less optimally than they should, negatively prolonging production times.


Naturally, this wasteful energy is symbiotic with a significant drop in productivity; it is not uncommon for 20 - 30% of a compressor’s output to be lost to air leaks.


Stay Proactive by Utilizing Our Experienced Technicians


Compresseurs Québec’s rapid and meticulous dedication to quality through our air leak detection program can help bring the air leaks in your industrial air compressor down to levels of <10%. The audits we provide return extremely valuable information to you via a detailed report within 10 days showcasing the location of the leaks, air leak flow estimation, expenditure, and return on investment. Get in touch with us at any time to ensure your facilities are being utilized as best as they can be!

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