réparation de compresseur à air industriel
Repairing an Industrial Air Compressor is Always an Option!
January 15, 2018

Quincy air compressors have consistently proved their robustness and reliability since their creation in the 1920s. In spite of their high performance levels, however, there is a risk of malfunction. Should a malfunction arise, you should not move to discard and replace the faulty device. Common breakages of Quincy air compressors can easily be fixed. The reparation of Quincy air compressors is possible and only requires a few adjustments or replacement of the parts responsible for the malfunction. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to panic in case of a mild malfunction arising from Quincy air compressors.

Repairing an industrial air compressor is always an option.

In case of a malfunction, contact a specialised professional who will be able to repair your air compressor. Do not try to repair it yourself, or ask a general mechanic to work on it. Rather, contact our customer services. By contacting our company’s workmen, you will be assured of repair work that meets the original standards of the faulty air compressor. Moreover, by calling upon our company’s services, our technicians will be able to replace the faulty parts directly, should this be the source of the problem.

At Compresseurs Québec, we can also offer the services of workmen who are specially trained to repair Quincy air compressors. If you cannot benefit directly from Quincy company’s services due to your geographical situation, you may contact one of our representatives. It is also preferable that you contact Quincy repair services as soon as the first malfunction symptoms appear, such as unusual sounds arising from a running device, varying air pressure, or if the air tank is not filling up as fast as usual. A problem identified in due time can prevent reparations in the long term and would only require maintenance on your part. 

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