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Selecting the Best Pipes and Fittings
December 13, 2019

One of the most important parts of an industrial air compressor is its pipes and fittings. These components connect everything in the system, but damage to these parts can cause significant downtime and extra expenses. As such, making sure you have the right pipes and that you properly maintain them is crucial to maintaining your industrial air compressor.


There are many different types of pipes that can be used for an industrial air compressor. As a rule, metal pipes are much more preferred over plastic pipes as metal pipes are more suited to the high temperatures that a compressed air system generates.


Here is a comparison of the many different metal pipes that can be used in an industrial air compressor:


Black Steel Piping

While black steel is a common material for piping, it has been known to run into a number of issues with corrosion. Furthermore, this type of pipe is also more prone to leaks.


Galvanized Steel Piping

This material is less susceptible to corrosion, but the galvanized coating can cause some issues. With wear and tear, the coating can start flaking and cause clogging or blockages.


Stainless Steel Piping

Overall, stainless steel seems like a good material for piping, thanks to its resistance to corrosion and degradation. However, it is a comparatively heavy material and can be quite costly, meaning stainless steel piping is not common.


Aluminium Piping

Aluminium piping is probably the most popular kind of piping for industrial air compressors. This is thanks to their anti-corrosive properties and lightness as a material. It is easy to install, repair, and replace.


Considering these comparisons, aluminium pipes are certainly the way to go. You can check out our Teseo Product Catalogue to see a full range of the aluminium pipes that we carry. Your industrial air compressor can certainly benefit from having pipes that are lighter, more durable, and easier to repair.

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Posted by: Anna | December 30, 2019, 9:42 am
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