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Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Compressors
January 10, 2020

If you are looking to purchase a Quincy air compressor, one of the questions on your mind may be whether you should get a single or two-stage air compressor. The difference between these two types of air compressors is described in their names: in a single-stage air compressor, the air is only compressed once. In a two-stage air compressor, the air is compressed twice.


Knowing this does not necessarily clear the air on which type of air compressor is more suitable for one’s applications.


In today’s blog, we will explain why this difference exists and how it will impact your operations.


Single-stage air compressors are also known as piston air compressors. With these types of air compressors, air is compressed one time and then stored in a tank. That stored compressed air has enough energy to power basic pneumatic tools that do not require more than 100 psi to function smoothly. A single-stage Quincy air compressor could effectively power a good variety of woodworking tools, allowing you to accomplish tasks such as sawing, drilling, and sanding much more effectively and easily.


On the other hand, two-stage air compressors compress the air twice and at a higher psi. This twice-compressed air has more energy and is capable of powering more heavy-duty tools and equipment.  Considering the differences in power, it makes sense that there are differences in price too. A two-stage Quincy air compressor will cost more than a single-stage one. As such, it is typically purchased by factories or larger workshops.


When you are looking to purchase an air compressor from Compresseurs Quebec, we make sure to walk you through every aspect of the purchasing process. This means that one of the first things that will be established is whether or not you require a single-stage or two-stage air compressor. From there, we will proceed with the consultation and look at other specifications such as psi, cfm, tank size, and more.


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I'm looking for a Quincy air compressor and this really helped.
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