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The Basic Industrial Air Compressor Accessories Maintenance Kit
July 05, 2017

The purchase of an industrial air compressor means the unit itself. Often, industrial air compressor accessories are not included in the purchase. In order to properly operate one, there is a need for certain other items and equipment to fully utilize the compressor’s overall capacity. This means there is a need to put together a basic industrial air compressor accessories maintenance kit. Here are some of the basics of industrial air compressor accessories maintenance kits.


  1. Hoses. One of the basic attachments to an air compressor is a hose. The hose connects the tool to the valve of the air compressor. The air compressor pushes the air through the hose to the tool. When hoses become brittle and break apart, they lose their ability to transport air. At this point, the hose needs to be replaced. Having a hose of each kind in your industrial air compressor accessories maintenance kit would help solve problems like these that may arise.


  1. Hose Reels. This is an attachment to hoses to keep them properly stored and stowed away. This is often a clip or the wheel-like attachment to hoses. There are other hose reels that lock the hose at certain lengths to keep them in place. Other hose reels help retracting a hose extended from an air compressor. Thus, a hose reel is an important part of any industrial air compressor accessories kit as it helps in storage of hoses used in the work.


  1. Tool Attachments. At the end of a hose is the tool attachment. Depending on the work to be done, the tool attachment receives the air. Examples of tool attachments include nail guns, paint sprayers and even dryers. The most important part in any industrial air compressor accessories kit is the tail end attachment to the tools to be used, as this is often the ones needing replacement over time.


As can be seen, these basic items are essential in any industrial air compressor accessories kit. Having these readily available can help in servicing and improving the performance of this machine.

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