The Important Parameters to Consider When Buying Air Compressors
November 13, 2020

Industrial air compressors are widely utilized equipment for rigorous, industrial applications. They are very durable and reliable while they can give your processing facility a long service life. Moreover, most of them come in a compact design that is easier to maintain and manage. They also eliminate the complicated installation process and make it a lot faster to integrate into the existing compression system.

However, no machine is indestructible without considering all the possible factors that can affect its function and performance.


If you want to enjoy the same high functionality and durability of industrial air compressors, you would want to consider several parameters. First, think about the features that would be the most suitable for your operation. These include the CFM (cubic feet per meter) and the horsepower of the compressor. High-powered air compressors are only ideal for heavy use as they can withstand constant air supply without getting overheat. As for the CFM, it refers to the final volumetric flow measurement of an air compressor. Determining the CFM of any air compressor unit depends on its psi range, so keep that in mind.


Another factor is your power outlet for the equipment. Bigger industrial air compressors that need high power have to be plugged in sources that can accommodate their specific power requirements. Otherwise, the compressor will not work as efficiently as expected. Be aware of your electric system and the specific wattage necessary for the compressor.


Lastly, air compressors come in either small or large units and choosing which size is right depends on what you need the most. While portability provides convenience, an application that requires the machine to stay in one place for its entire life demands otherwise. And don’t forget the available space you have for the equipment so that you won’t end up taking out the space of other machinery.


No matter your compressor needs, Compresseurs Quebec can give you reliable and high-quality options that fit your business. Contact us today to find the right compressor for you.

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