The Quincy Air Compressor and Low Ownership Costs
January 04, 2021

Quincy air compressor systems are proven to be a worthwhile investment over time with some of the best performing machines in the industry. You will enjoy all the benefits that Quincy machines provide such as energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and minimal downtime. All of which are backed by one of the best manufacturer warranty programs in the industry. The cost of owning air compressors from Quincy is influenced by three major parameters - purchase price, parts and service, and energy costs.


Knowing how each of these factors contributes to the overall cost of your investment is very important.


Although seen as a large initial investment, many air compressors have minimal downtime and are able to perform at high efficiency for many years. This is particularly true in the case of Quincy air compressor units that are packed with innovative technology. Another factor is the parts and service that varies depending on the specific type or model of the air compressor you use. This can be determined by taking into account both the schedule and cost of regular maintenance as a foundation. Demanding applications should also consider the need for original replacement parts as well as the costs involved in fixing major portions of your compressed air system.    


Energy has a huge role to play in influencing your ownership of a Quincy air compressor. For the entire lifespan of the air compressor, energy has the greatest portion of its true life cycle cost. This part of your expenses often fluctuates which can directly impact your overall profitability. It is very important that you consider units that have energy-efficient features to reduce the energy costs from your machine. Other important factors to consider include load profile, energy recovery, demand charges, air leakage, system pressure setpoints, and many more. 


Compresseurs Quebec has been a leading force in compressed air products and parts for more than 30 years. We make sure to provide the best products and services in the compressed air industry to our customers and their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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