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The Role of Lubrication in an Industrial Air Compressor
March 03, 2021

One of the most important things to know about the workings of an industrial air compressor is how lubrication plays a vital role during the compression process. In terms of air compressor pumps, there are two primary types - oil-free pumps and oil-lubricated pumps. Oil-free pumps, as the name implies, are ‘free’ of oil, yet their bearings are actually treated with lasting lubrication and require low maintenance. On the other hand, oil-lubricated pumps are equipped with oil being splashed onto the bearings and walls of the cylinder.


Oil-free pumps tend to be noisier and can put a strain on the engine motor, but they are lighter and more portable. Conversely, the use of oil-flooded pumps can be beneficial when supplying power tools that need lubrication. With oiled compressors, oil can contaminate the air, however, the oil can be kept away from the compressed air with the use of piston rings. Fortunately, an industrial air compressor can be integrated with oil separators and filters that can avoid the oil from reaching the tank. 


Importance of Lubricants


Lifespan of an Industrial Air Compressor

How long an air compressor will last depends on the quality of lubrication used, as it affects several parts of the air pump, such as pistons, gears, and gearings. To ensure that these parts long, it’s important that they’re lubricated properly, as that will reduce the friction and the temperature inside the air compressor. A good lubricant removes the heat of compression, which is very beneficial as it can help prevent internal parts from rusting.


Operating Cost of Air Compressors

The use of good-quality lubricants reduces wear and tear which can help decrease or eliminate repair costs, thus bringing down the operating costs of an air compressor. Also, it can help run the compressor more efficiently, especially in terms of energy-saving, which contributes toward reducing operating costs.


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