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Understanding the Problem of Condensate in Air Compressors
November 11, 2019

Sometimes, industrial air compressor systems can find themselves becoming victims of condensate. While a bit of water does not necessarily sound like a big deal, leaving this problem unattended can actually cause some serious issues for your industrial air compressor.


Condensation will occur with the compression of air, but your air compressor system is meant to be able to dry this condensate out on its own so that the excess moisture does not stick around and result in damages to the vulnerable parts of your industrial air compressor system.


Let’s break down the potential harm that condensate can cause to your air compressor:



All of these potential issues will result in extra money spent not only on maintenance and repairs, but also smaller issues such as having to refill lubricant more often or having to run your industrial air compressor for longer in order to get the same results it used to produce.


Thankfully, there is a way to prepare for this problem. There are a good number of accessories out there that can aid your air compressor in becoming more efficient at separating and drying out condensate, such as aftercoolers, refrigerant dryers, and more. Accessories such as aftercoolers are said to be able to remove up to 60% of additional condensate.


Dryers such as refrigerated and desiccant air dryers can also be introduced if problems persist and the condensate is particularly stubborn. The principle of these products is that they are able to lower the temperature inside the industrial air compressor without causing freezing, resulting in the production of the extremely dry air that is desired in pneumatic operations.


Needless to say, the problem of condensation is often a problem of lack of maintenance. However, you still have plenty of ways to correct the issue once you detect it. You can always give the experts at Compresseurs Quebec a call to come check on your industrial air compressor. You can count on our holistic service to help you do what is best for your air compressor!

I've always how to deal with this issue my industrial air compressor faces.
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