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What Are the Differences between Pumps and Compressors?
October 11, 2019

The terms “pump” and “air compressor” are sometimes used interchangeably, owing to the fact that many confuse the two and believe them to have similar functions. While vacuum pump and industrial air compressor capabilities have overlaps in some areas, they are distinct machines and should be used in different applications.


Today, we will discuss the differences between these two types of systems, and go over the applications that suit each system best.




First, we need to understand how a pump works. There are two main types of pumps, reciprocating and rotary, but in both cases the main goal is to take fluids, whether liquid or gas, and move them between places.


In a reciprocating pump, the liquid or gas is processed in a back-and-forth motion, whereas a rotary pump has an impeller which spins in a circular motion. These motions are what helps to generate kinetic and pressure energy for the fluid.


In terms of applications, pumps have a wide range of usages within the domestic sphere and the industrial sphere. Industrial pumps can be put to use in irrigation, mining, air conditioning, and refrigeration applications, being much more powerful than pumps created for domestic use.




On the other hand, industrial air compressor systems specialize in gasses and rarely, if ever, work with liquids. The machine compresses air and pumps that air to be used in pneumatic applications.


Some air compressors also have the capability to store compressed air, which allows the air compressor to be more efficient and for the facility owner to save on energy costs. Pumps do not have this capability.


Industrial air compressor systems are integral to a host of industries, most notably the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. Due to the efficiency and effectiveness of pneumatic tools, air compressors are pretty much indispensable to many factories and to the processing industry.


While both these systems seem similar enough, they can only really be effective if they are used in the right applications. Make sure you consult with a sales representative to help you find the best machine for your needs.

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