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What To Consider When Choosing an Industrial Air Compressor Rental Unit
June 23, 2020

An industrial air compressor rental is probably the best solution for your temporary air compression needs, especially if you have an existing air compressor system that is currently getting repairs or is in for maintenance. With a rental air compressor system, you can be sure to meet all your deadlines and avoid delays in your daily business operations.


Just like buying new equipment, industrial air compressor rentals also come in various types, sizes, and capabilities. This means you also have to select the right unit that suits your requirements in order to get the job done properly. Here are some of the important elements to consider when choosing an air compressor rental unit:




CFM or cubic feet per minute is the unit measurement that refers to the amount of pressurized air you need. So, when you are going for an industrial air compressor rental, make sure that you have enough CFM to exceed the total compressed air requirements of all the pneumatic tools you work with. You can ask your air compressor supplier for help if you are unsure how much CFM is required.




The PSI rating of your compressor is a unit of pressure expressed in pounds of force per square inch of area and determines the amount of air pressure it is capable of delivering. Keep in mind that your pneumatic tools all need a different PSI amount to work, so it's important to know what the PSI requirement is before choosing the model to rent out.


Tank Capacity


Air compressor rentals are also available in different sizes suited for different requirements. If you have tools that need only short bursts of compressed air like nail guns, then a smaller sized tank would be enough. On the other hand, if your pneumatic tools demand a continuous air stream like sandblasters, then a larger tank size would be more suitable.


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