When to Have an Industrial Air Compressor Service Inspect Your Machine
February 18, 2021

The best time to have machine inspections is once or twice in a year.


All air compressors require regular maintenance to prevent microscopic problems from evolving into expensively destructive scenarios. With industrial air compressor service maintenance, your machine operates optimally with minimal disruptions to your logistics. With regular maintenance, your machine will guarantee a consistent performance that boosts productivity.


Air compressors are machines with mechanical and electronic components. Professional industrial air compressor service personnel can inspect many different parts and components. They can then check their alignment, repair or replace seals, calibrate the pressure levels, and more. In the process, the repair and replacement team can fix minor problems that can cause long term issues.


For example, a simple misaligned shaft in the air compressor motor can become a mechanical culprit over time. With an industrial air compressor service, you can prevent them from grinding or slamming against other parts and components. The technical team will opt to calibrate or replace them upon observing their performance.


A yearly machine inspection is paramount for all air compressors that see regular daily operation. However, air compressors that achieve maximum performance every day have much more wear and tear than others, making it critical to have semi-annual inspections to guarantee their top-level performance.


An air compressor beyond a decade of daily high-performance operation will have many complications requiring services from a professional team of technicians. Any machine that has aged will have worn-out parts. Thankfully, dependable air compressor distributors, such as Compresseurs Quebec, can provide you with manufacturer-sourced replacement parts if they are carrying your brand.


If you have yet to find a reliable distributor of air compressor supply, you can always count on us at Compresseurs Quebec. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you.


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