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Where to Find an Industrial Air Compressor in Your Neighbourhood
March 08, 2018

There are many air compressors, as there are many different industries that use compressed air. An industrial air compressor is developed to provide adequate ranges and solutions for a variety of industries. The potential for this equipment to adapt to new industries is truly limitless. As a result, they often appear in many interesting places:

Automotive Sector

In an auto shop, oil changes are made by a special aspirator powered by compressed air. This air serves to clean the filters and the brake system, and also to inflate and adjust the pressure of the car tires. It is also used to run the pneumatic impact wrenches that serve to screw and unscrew the different fasteners and fixations.

Tattoo Parlour or Art Shop

Another example of use is in a tattoo parlour or art workshop; an industrial air compressor helps the worker to remain focused and take complete control of their tools. A worker here generally uses a paint gun, sander, or needle powered by an air compressor.

Skilled Trades

In carpentry or construction, where the work requires a high precision of cutting and finishing, the use of compressed air has proven to be very effective. For example, a carpenter cuts wood with a pneumatic saw, he pastes, rivets, sands and even paints or varnishes using tools that are powered by an industrial air compressor. Indeed, thanks to this technology, drilling, screwing, stapling, and painting have become fairly easy tasks to perform.


Essentially, the types and the uses for an industrial air compressor are immense. The material to be used and its capacity should meet the specific needs of each unique activity. Browse our website today to find products of a very high quality and international reputation. They are suitable for a number of industrial uses. For more information on the models we carry or for industrial air compressor maintenance, call us today!

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