Why an Industrial Air Compressor is the Best Choice
June 07, 2018

One specific brand of air compressor has always been at the top of every machine smith, painter or contractor’s wish list.  This is the Quincy industrial air compressor, whose models have many options as to capacity and output. The following are but some of the qualities that a Quincy air compressor has that gives it its reputation.


Compresseurs Quebec is proud to be a certified provider of Quincy industrial air compressors.


Customer Service: One of the best attributes of a Quincy air compressor, aside from the unit itself, is the after sales service provided. According to one forum contributor, “Their customer service is top shelf ... the factory keeps serial number records of every unit sold to each of their dealers. Then the owner registers the unit to complete the process. If/when you call the factory, customer service looks up your record & is ready to help. They've shipped replacement parts to me at no charge, even after the factory warranty had expired ... not too many companies that will do that to maintain customer goodwill.”

Durability: Another attribute of a Quincy air compressor is its durability. As one forum contributor shared, “We've got a 5 hp single stage Quincy that was made around 1953. Lived the first 15 years in a state highway maintenance shop. Dad bought it in a state surplus property auction in 67 or 68. Lived in our shop from then until about 5 years ago when we ran across a new 10hp 2 stage Grainger job for cheap that does a lot better at keeping up with the bead blaster. All of the paint on every bolt on the Quincy compressor head is still intact. I haven't run across many (any) other machinery that's been used daily for 50 years without ever requiring any repairs whatsoever. The pressure switch is even original.”

Aside from the quality of the Quincy industrial air compressor unit, there are two other qualities satisfied customers have harked about in public. These are Quincy’s excellent customer service. The other being the durability of a Quincy air compressor.

To find more information on a Quincy industrial air compressor, call a member of our experienced team today!

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