Why Centrifugal Air Compressors Become the Top Choice
November 30, 2020

Does your manufacturing plant need a steady supply of oil-free air and higher flows? If so, then centrifugal industrial air compressors in St-Laurent could be the best option to take for many reasons. Before you identify the amazing advantages of using such a compressor type, it is important to know and understand first the technology behind it. Centrifugal air compressors are also called dynamic compressors that produce pressure through its rotating impeller. They typically work in multiple stages and between each stage, the compressed air is cooled first before it’s sent to the next stage, improving the efficiency of the compressor.


With the continuous flow of air through the various stages of air compression, dynamic compressors are most suitable for higher capacities and applications requiring above 200hp.


The first reason why centrifugal industrial air compressors in St-Laurent are the top choice is because of their high energy efficiency. They offer the highest energy efficiency by operating at full capacity, with about 5% more efficiency than other technologies. It varies depending on the load requirements and the total air delivery system of your facility.


Moreover, centrifugal air compressors are very long-lasting and can last up to around 20 years before they need an overhaul. That is mainly because they are usually made of fewer moving parts and their key parts are serviceable on-site.  Your business is able to minimize costly repairs and reduce the amount of time operations are halted. They also don’t require the use of an oil separation system, further reducing the costs to purchase the separator.


Finally, if you are going to use Class 0, oil-free industrial air compressors in St-Laurent, they give you plenty of benefits for your manufacturing facility, including oil-free airstream, reduced maintenance and energy costs. So, if you are in need of this kind of air compressor, Compresseur Quebec is the industry leader in supplying high-quality industrial air compressors in the region. Contact us today and get in touch with us for any of your air compression needs.

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