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Why We Are Your Source For Industrial Air Compressor Parts
April 06, 2018

Compressor Quebec is your one-stop-shop for industrial air compressors: providing you with everything from industrial air compressor systems, analyses and solutions. We understand that providing a wide array of parts is critical. With our excellent and knowledgeable staff eager to help and listen to your needs, we offer an extensive line up of industrial air compressor parts.

Industrial Air Compressor Parts We Stock:

  1. Receivers - Efficiency and reliability from your system is best achieved by the correct brand and type of receivers; we offer many different types.
  2. Kits - All sorts of kits that let you achieve the best and ideal maintenance program and upkeep to your compressed air systems. Ranging from Compressor Overhaul kits to Thermostat valve repair kits we have you covered!
  3. Lubricants - For every moving and mechanical machine avoiding metal to metal contact is critical in order to avoid major damage or wear. Our offering of reliable and tested lubricants insure a smooth operational life to your system.
  4. Service Tools - With the right tools quick and easy servicing is achieved, giving you a time efficient solution.
  5. Valves - Everything you need in regards to valves in your system we have you covered: from check valves, drain valves to water draining valves. Repair kits are also available for your varied valve needs depending on your system.
  6. Belt/Pulleys/Cooling - From your typical motor pulleys and bushings to your “V” belt reciprocating or rotary assembly, we have what you need. A wide array of inter-coolers, fluid coolers and after coolers is at your disposal from our list.
  7. Electrical- As the critical control of your compressed air systems is important, we offer all sorts of electrical parts and help. Automatic alternating panels to pressure switch to name a few.
  8. Filters - Pre-filters and air filters are available with high efficiency rate when it comes to filtration. Your compressed air system will provide clean filtered air for a long time.
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