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Why We Trust the Quincy Brand
April 30, 2019

As a supplier invested in offering our customers the best industrial air compressor options available on the market, we’ve developed partnerships with brands that are known to deliver quality products. Our manufacturers include Kobelco KNW Series, Great Lakes Air and Quincy Compressor. We’ve established a significant partnership with Quincy Compressor—they supply many of our products, including the majority of our industrial air compressors. We trust in the Quincy brand because they have been settings standards within the air compressor industry for decades.


The History of Quincy Compressor

Quincy has been in operation since 1920. Since then, they have made breakthroughs in improving upon earlier forms of compressor systems. In 1937, Quincy introduced their QR-25 reciprocating/piston compressor to the market. Remarkably, this model remains the industry standard today for fulfilling demanding applications for mining, drilling, concrete production and shipbuilding. Quincy has expanded its product line to currently include rotary-screw and oil-free compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment machinery.


Quincy continues to innovate their product designs and manufacturing methods, and they’ve now turned their attention to green technology. They recognize the importance of reducing carbon footprint, especially within industrial facilities. In an effort to improve sustainability across industries that make use of their products, they’ve developed compressors that maximize energy efficiency.


The Industries That Have Benefitted From Quincy Products

Quincy manufactures air compressors suitable for virtually any industry that requires the use of compressed air. Here are just a few examples of industries that benefit form Quincy air compressor systems:

While their compressor systems can be applied to a wide range of industries, Quincy’s line includes compressors built to suit specific applications and working conditions. No matter the industry, any Quincy compressor will provide stable air pressure, longer service and will not require much maintenance.


The Quincy Guarantee

Quincy has an international reputation for manufacturing reliable air compressors. They have decades of experience in refining their designs, methods and solutions for maximizing the energy efficiency of their industrial air compressor systems. Their products hold up in the most demanding facilities. They have been able to achieve this through their commitment to Total Customer Value. Quincy strives for efficiency, not just in the products they manufacture, but in their own operations as well. The Quincy Compressor team is trained in sustainable work practices and to maximize efficiency and flexibility in their operations.


Air compressors manufactured by Quincy come with comprehensive warranties—including up to 10 years of extended coverage for select models and components. The team at Quincy Compressor is able to provide such warranties because they are confident in the quality of the products they produce. Their compressors are engineered to last for decades, and we’re proud to be part of their network of authorized dealers. We offer our customers the full Quincy air compressors product line so they can enjoy the benefits of innovation and quality.


At Compresseurs Québec, we aim to provide our customers with the highest-quality industrial air compressors available on the market. In addition to ensuring that the quality of our products meets the highest standards, we perform inspections and repairs to maintain your compressor’s long-term operational capacity. Contact us today for industrial air compressors and parts in Montréal!

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