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Air Compressor Service - Compresseurs Quebec

Air Compressor Service

When it comes to your vacuum system or industrial air compressor, service and maintenance are extremely important. Compresseurs Québec offers a range of repair options for our clients to choose from. We have the necessary capabilities to assist you with prolonging the life of your equipment and ensure that everything is running trouble free. We have all the necessary tools and accessories to have you up and running in no time. If you require Quincy air compressor repair, a motor rewind, emergency assistance or any other type of service we are here to help. Our experienced team will maintain your systems and have your malfunctioning equipment running smoothly a timely manner.


At Compresseurs Québec we offer various types of compressed air systems and have the necessary capabilities to take on turnkey projects. We have worked on jobs of all sizes and are confident in meeting any of your requirements, ranging from installation of compressed air lines and industrial air compressor accessories to compressor ventilation systems and more. The knowledge and efficiency of a sole supplier will reduce your installation costs and down time significantly. We know our products, and ensure that the installation services we offer are quick, efficient and cost effective. 


At Compresseurs Québec we specialize in providing repair services for vacuum systems and industrial air compressors. When it comes to industrial air compressor repair in Montreal or the Greater Montreal Area, our knowledgeable team has all the necessary skills and experience to take on any project that comes their way. If you are looking for Quincy air compressor repair or for the refurbishment of any other brand, we are able to assist you. 

Maintenance Contracts

If you decide on the option of our maintenance contract, we make sure to keep your equipment running trouble-free.Our Montreal based technicians will identify any possible issues, prompt you for necessary industrial air compressor service, notify you of any beneficial industrial air compressor accessories, and maximize your efficiency – in turn saving you money in the long run. Our preventative maintenance options ensure your operations are always functioning at optimal levels. 

24/7 Customer Support

At Compresseurs Québec customer satisfaction is our priority, and we are available around the clock in order to assist you with any emergency needs in Montreal, the Greater Montreal Area or anywhere else in Quebec. No matter if you need Quincy air compressor repair, or are experiencing trouble with any other compressor or vacuum system, we are here to help. At Compresseurs Québec our skilled technicians can ease the stress of a malfunction or breakdown by offering 24/7 emergency industrial air compressor service. 

Compressed Air Leak Detection

The detection of air leaks, when done by professionals using ultrasound equipment, is the best way to guarantee a quick, efficient audit of your compressed air network. Our audits are done very quickly and offer quality results (precise location of leaks, writing and sending of detailed report within 10 days following the audit). We provide an estimate of the air leak flow, associated costs, and return on investment. If you are based in Montreal, the Greater Montreal Area or anywhere else in Quebec, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Efficiency Quotient Analysis

Compresseurs Québec will conduct a free walkthrough of your factory and complete the EQ Rating worksheet included in the brochure. This does more than just identify your existing EQ Rating, it estimates your current compressed air system operating costs and your cost reduction potential. Once that is done, the EQ analyzer is installed and collects data about your energy consumption during normal operating hours. After analyzing the data, a report is created which includes financial projections and a recommended action plan. This all serves to make you save money, and be as energy efficient as possible, quickly.